The first step to creating a hotline

The first step to creating a hotline
Introductory level

Quarterly Seminar

By providing a local presence a hotline will create country ownership where there might not be any yet and assist in establishing a long-term strategy with all key stakeholders. We know and understand that creating a national hotline is complex and involves many stakeholders. It requires significant time and dedication. During this seminar, we will take the first step by outlining the role a national hotline plays, who operate it and how it runs.

We will be holding Introductory Seminars on a quarterly basis. Join the most convenient date and time for you and signup for a 45-minute guide to setting up a hotline.

Report Box makes reporting CSAM in your country easy


INHOPE’s mission is to expand the Network globally, into countries where CSAM is being facilitated, produced or distributed.

INHOPE's vision is to put an eco-system in place ensuring that every industry stakeholder and each member of the public around the globe have the possibility to report child sexual abuse material (CSAM) encountered online.


The challenge for new hotlines is that they often lack the resources to implement IT systems to support their operation and interact with the public in a safe and secure manner.

Report Box provides a plug and play solution to setup new hotlines in countries that need it most.


Our objectives are the following:

  • To reduce availability to online CSAM.
  • To reduce victimisation
  • To save police time
  • To save more children

How does
Report Box work?

Report Box is implemented as a solution based service in the cloud and is able to do exactly that.

It provides a hotline with the option to design a simple public-facing web form and include the form on its website. All reports entered by the public will be securely stored. The hotline can access and manage these reports on the Report Box website.

The role of ZuiZ Forensics

INHOPE is partnering with ZiuZ Visual Intelligence.

ZiuZ is INHOPE’s technology partner for the development, support and maintenance of the ICCAM and the ReportBox application.

The role of INTERPOL

INHOPE is partnering with INTERPOL.

INTERPOL is INHOPE’s law enforcement partner and the INTERPOL victim identification team, made-up of international criminal intelligence officers from a variety of countries, handle all unknown and potentially new CSAM detected by INHOPE hotline analysts.

Report Box
Online tutorials

Learn how Report Box works by watching our demonstration videos. Find out just how simple it is to create and embed a report form and discover how you can become a national hotline.

How to create a Reporting Form
What is the INHOPE Network?

Report Box and Project ESCAPE

Report Box is a technical solution developed by the ESCAPE Project.

The ESCAPE project (Funded by End Violence Against Children) represents INHOPE's vision to put an eco-system in place ensuring that every industry stakeholder and each member of the public around the globe has the option and awareness to report child sexual abuse material (CSAM) encountered online.

Reports received in this eco-system that contain new and unknown CSAM will be assessed by experienced hotline analysts and relayed to specialised police investigators for immediate action. The system will provide the analysts with automation and intelligence tools for smarter and faster prioritisation and classification of reports allowing them to focus on the most urgent and relevant cases, saving valuable time. Reports that contain known CSAM will be taken down as quickly as possible to prevent further circulation and downloads.

This vision has four core components:

  • Public and industry awareness of the legal and/or moral need and possibility to report
  • Additional and sustainable reporting options being created
  • Resilient and trained hotline analysts
  • Global eco-system receiving and processing the reports