Can my organisation establish a hotline?

A hotline can be established in an NGO, a Regulatory Authority or other government department, your national ISP Association, or a trade body. The first step in establishing a hotline starts with a conversation with our network expansion lead. We take it one step at a time in order to ensure that things are done correctly.

So, simply reach out and start the conversation, we will take things from there and guide you throughout the process and beyond. We will help you organise roundtable meetings and support trough attending and speaking and inviting international colleagues to support the cause. As we continue with online or in-person meetings, you will be able to raise awareness, maintain and deepen existing partnerships you already have in your country, as well as create new synergies with more stakeholders.

  • One of your key stakeholders is the police and we will support your work with them to draft an agreement or Memorandum of Understanding with them.
  • To analyse Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) legally, you will need to sign the Memorandum of Understanding with the appropriate national law enforcement agency. This step ensures that law enforcement are in full agreement with the work of the hotline and specifically the role of analysts who review, assess and classify reports of potential online CSAM.
  • If law enforcement do not want the hotline to view material there are other options to discuss but the starting point is to ensure law enforcement understand the work of the hotline and analysts.
  • Analysts are not investigators or law enforcement officers, however they act to streamline the processing of CSAM and of removing this heinous material quickly and efficiently, supporting the already overburdened law enforcement officers.

Learn more about the process, explore the hotline development timeline here.

Can my organisation establish a hotline?

reach out and start the conversation, we will take things from there