How we plan to expand Report Box

Report Box fits within the four pillars of the ESCAPE eco-system. These four pillars, hand-in-hand, make INHOPE's fight against online CSAM more efficient and support the establishment of new hotlines in at least four countries over the next two years.

The four pillars are:

Improved Technology

Our technology team has developed Report Box, a technology solution which enables potential hotlines to receive and process reports of suspected Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) found online.
For interoperability we will also develop the following extensions:

  • ICCAM API will also ensure a smooth link between Report Box and ICCAM too providing an easy-to-use tool for processing online CSAM reports.
  • AI Classifier will be a background development that will enable automatic image recognition functionality. In an environment were the volume of content to process is overwhelming, the AI Classifier will prioritise new and unknown imagery and save analysts significant time in processing reports

Exponential Network Expansion

To ensure new hotlines are effective and sustainable, our Network Expansion team will identify countries where a hotline will have the most impact, and the most appropriate organisations to operate the hotline.

Once these have been identified, INHOPE will support the building of relationships between the potential hotline and local stakeholders, enabling collaboration with Law Enforcement, government, industry, and other Civil Society Organisations.

Capacity Building

Our capacity building team will ensure the hotlines have professional and resilient hotline analysts by delivering INHOPE's training programs. In addition, new hotlines will be provided with ongoing support in all aspects of the hotline.

Communications and Advocacy

Finally, our Communication and Dissemination team will help create public and industry awareness of the possibility to report suspected online CSAM in your own country, as well as informing on the legal and moral need to do so. By creating a communications toolkit for new hotlines, we will enable hotlines to be autonomous and feel supported in their communications efforts.

Many countries will benefit from this solution. Thus, following an extensive review of the process and progress in the four initial countries, this solution will be upscaled to begin implementation in further priority Official Development Assistance countries ODA countries as well as countries who have agreed to the WPGA Model National Response to tackle CSAM.

Many governments and organisations signed the WePROTECT Global Alliance Model National response (MNR) agreement in 2015 which includes hotline reporting mechanisms: "To effectively combat child sexual abuse material, a country needs to introduce protocols according to its national situation. If starting from a zero baseline, a legislative review and any necessary amendments to existing legislation (or the drafting of new legislation) are essential
prior to the implementation of a hotline."

Did your governments and organisations sign the MNR agreement? Do you have a hotline? Find out more about how INHOPE can support your needs and ensure you're equipped to securely set-up the reporting and removal of CSAM online.

How we plan to expand Report Box

Photo by INHOPE

Did your governments and organisations sign the MNR agreement? Do you have a hotline?